Mass Effect Andromeda Trainer

Compatible with Mass Effect Andromeda EARLY ACCESS


Infinite Health
Infinite Shield
Infinite Items/Resources
Perfect Swiftness
Instant Cooldown
No Reload
Modifiers – Skill Pts & Pure Quartzes


Infinite Items/Resources – Will max each Item/Resource you have, Gain or Lose for it to take effect.

Perfect Swiftness/Mercy/Shadow – Enable each Script to set value to 0 (Perfect Value).

Modifiers – Activating the Header called Modifiers will drop two more Scripts called: “Pure Quartzes Modifier”, “Pts Modifier”. Enable each one you want and follow the Numpad Keys I signed (Num 1-2-3-4-5-6), You must Gain/Lose after activation of the scripts, then you can change the value to whatever you want.

Credit To Magoo  for the pointers he found, I simply added them to my trainer.

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