Osiris New Dawn Cheats

Osiris New Dawn is a really fun game based on planet exploration and base building that features aliens life forms and intense fights. You need cheats and trainers in this game to survive such harsh life and battles. I found one such trainer tool that features some really options that you can use to survive and enjoy this game to the fullest.


F1 – Infinite Health
F2 – Infinite Oxygen
F3 – Infinite Stamina / Infinite Jet Pack
F4 – Infinite Suit Health
F5 – Perfect Suit Temperature
F6 – Perfect Suit Pressure
F7 – No Thirst
F8 – No Hunger
F9 – Easy Crafting
F10 – Max Selected Resource
F11 – Infinite Weight
F12 – Infinite Ammo

As you can see a whole lot of them to choose from!. You can download these Osiris New Dawn Cheats from the link. If you don’t want to use any cheat tools though, there are also cheat commands available that you can use.

Osiris: New Dawn

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

This is for those that lost saves/characters in single player or those that don’t
want to grind so much every time a new character is made in single player.

In your save folder:
open the Player.txt with any text editor.

I managed to figure out some of the parameters in this single line of text (the important ones):

In this example the last number (10632) is the character XP
1:Character_Name:Universe Name_local_Proteus2:0:984.7634|-85.38825|-1703.914:0|0.4710032|0|
10632 = Lv 12

-=Skill Points=-
Since changing the XP in this way will not give any stat points, close to the end of the
line you will find:

The last 5 numbers are:
Stat Points – number of stat points to distribute
Agility – !how many times agility was upgraded! NOT %
Fortitude – !how many times fortitude was upgraded! NOT %
Strength – !how many times strength was upgraded! NOT %
Stamina – !how many times stamina was upgraded! NOT %

I personally prefer the cheat trainer because it allows me to just press a key and enable whichever cheat i wish without the hassle of typing any.

The game has an annoying bug that i want to talk about which is when you reach the planet after killing some aliens and have to defend it, even after killing them all you still don’t get any new objective. Had me scratching my head until i figured out it was a bug. Thankfully, the trainer allowed me to quickly kill aliens and progress :D.

Thoughts ? Please let me know in comments below.

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